Picking a Fight with the Universe

I want to revisit this subject of PRIDE by blogging another reflection about it.  I have fallen a number of times of having an attitude that rooted from being ridiculously proud. I tended to think too much highly about myself above other else. Sometimes I overestimate my value by pretending  so people may look at me above everything. That did not please My God at all. My God does not like me with that attitude.  Some people does not like me either. God hates pride. God declares war with pride when  Lucifer had fallen because of pride, when Adam & Even had fallen because of pride. Pride is the root of all sins.  I am sharing my iniquity to this blog not because I have a unique circumstance but because I believe everyone had its own way of being lured by pride. Some of us think we deserve more money. Some of us think we deserve high regard. Some us think we deserve respect. Some us think we deserve honor. Some of us think we deserve comfort. Some of us think we deserve pat in the bac


So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. 1 Peter 5:6 NLT I found myself more humbled when I found myself helpless and no where to go.  I ended up remaining in the deep after  I have consumed all of my strength and understanding. That's when I looked up to God. I have nothing but You, Lord but I believe that you are more than i ask for. Weariness creeps in when I try my best and when I find out my best is not enough and when I don't put in the equation that help is at hand. I guess pride is such a notorious blood sucker. It deceivingly puts me in a place where the only way to redemption is my way.  Anxeity creeps in as I work my way out and as I work my up and as I work my way to where I think is the milestone for me. Everything is gearing to my control. I made myself the navigator and the thinking machine that controls everything. Why not? I have the skills. I have the talent. Why not use it. That mindse


3rd of March 2020: this is the day that I would fulfil a promise. A friend of mine in the church approached me over seven years ago and made a request that I could not refused. He told me that he wanted me to sing in his eulogy when he passed away. I found it awkward. Regardless, I said yes. He told me that he will send the music sheets of the songs that he would like me to sing. He asked my postal address so he can send the sheets. The following day it was in the mailbox. I opened the A4 enveloped and there they were, the sheets and a written letter by him. The first sheet was an American Christian song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” and the other sheet was Sacred Hymn “Panis Angelicus”. I haven’t been familiar with those songs till that day I received the letter. And so, few of my lazy times, I pulled out those sheets that I kept from the shelves and practiced singing. The sheets stayed in the shelves for over seven years covered with amount of dust when I received a c


Music and Lyrics by JONSAINT You sing when you won't talk. You dance when you won't walk. You draw when you won't write. You look away from someone's sight. You finished what you have started. You do the same another day. You wrap up and it doesn't matter If takes the whole day. You understand What I don't understand You look at the picture differently No more crying Coz I'm trying. To go wherever you are going. I always say Woow I say O how blessed I am Coz you are my precious one I always pray Woow I pray That the Good Angels relay What I am trying to say I love you Come what may Too much noise. Too much light. Too much thinking. Too much fright. It's okay. You'll be fine. I'm right here by your side Copyright©Jonathan Santos 2014

Feeling Sorry

Life is giving you a hard time. You feel like there's no escape from being in the pit. You feel like you are caught in the whirlwind. Life is unfair. You feel sorry for yourself. You tell friends how unfortunate you have been. Ranting. All they hear from you is ranting. You feel sorry for so long that you got used being at the bottom. It is alright to cry it out but for how long? Being always at the bottom may cloud your mind From seeing that there is still goodness in life. Feeling sorry for a long time would keep you from seeing that God"s good provisions is just around the corner. You would easily miss all the good things that God has started doing in your life. Going through grief is a healthy process. We are entitled to go through it. But being in that condition for so long may put you in the mindset that you are always a victim. It puts you in the mindset that it is hopeless and you can't do anything to turn it around. You find yourself so dependent in telli

Small Chat

How are you? How was your holiday? How was your weekend? How are you? Fine thank you. And you? Nice Weather. Indeed. Did you have a good weekend? Small Chat. Small chat. Blek! Sometimes i feel that way.  Can we just stop here with the small chat? I just want to get a mug a coffee from the coffee machine and i want to get back quickly to my working space.  I got lots of things to do. Sometimes i don't feel talking and it feels awkward to pretend i am interested with what he is saying and to pretend that I know that he is interested with I am saying. It takes few seconds or minutes to bump with someone and to start a small chat. Is it part of of the norm, culture? Or maybe a lot people get it why they are doing it. Maybe if i would know how I can use small chat to my benefit, it would not be so dreadful about the whole drill. And then I realize small chat is a worthwhile drill. Lol. Good first impression. Small chat can be a good ground to make a good impr


Have you ever heard of Monito Monita? It is a traditional game in the Philippines particularly in December approaching Christmas where a group of individuals (friends, classmates, office-mates, etc) agree to give gifts anonymously with each other. Usually, it starts with writing down in a piece of paper each others name, roll it and put in a small box. Each takes turn to pick out a piece of rolled paper in the box. The name in the paper each has picked out is its monito/monita. The simple rule is that no one has to let each other know who the giver is until the revelation day ideally on Christmas day. In the game they will give their monitas/monitas gifts everyday with an agreed price range. There will be different theme in each day of giving such as giving, something soft, something sweet, something long and hard, something green or blue, something round, something you make /cook /bake, something pink, something useful, something wet, something made of wood/fabric, something you c


Cacophony. What is irritating nowadays to me at least? What level of noise would I say that I would be prompt to cover my ears? We got used to too much noise and somehow we are in the loop of getting used to it. I am driving going to work, engine roaring, city traffic. I turned on my music player to listen to favorite song. I should say there are sounds I can hear but they are not irritating. I can live and they don't harm me. When in a club or a concert, I can hardly hear what people are saying when they talk to me. Does it bother me? No. I work my way in hearing it by bringing my ear closer to the speakers mouth.  There is another noise that has nothing to do with hearing and more to do in clutters in the mind and spirit. Too much thinking. Too much distractions. Noises such as worries, fears, habits, addictions. We work our way to get by in the midst of those noises. We work our brain to get used to those noises and that's how life goes on. We compromise. We t